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After the end of the quarantine, our ATP, where I work, organized a trip to Arkhipo-Osipovka. The owner of our ATP allocated a bus and we all office in the evening, who like me, and who with her husband went to the sea. The road was not boring many people drank, sang, pouring each other and passing snacks. I also took part in this dance. Then the tired ones all fell silent and fell asleep, and the drivers woke us up when it was already in full bloom. We were taken to one of the private boarding houses with one-story houses with several rooms, where we were assigned to a room. And having Packed all the property we went to the sea. The day passed quickly, and in the evening, all of us in the courtyard of this boarding house had a party. Where one of the bus drivers stuck to me. This is a new guy Anton, not long ago came from the army and worked for us in the city, but since many refused to travel, he agreed, and our driver Sergeyevich. Anton got a little tipsy and started paying attention to me. And when I was going to go to my room, he suggested a walk to the sea. ON my answer, that already as the late and dark, he said, that here not case dark and late, here sea the sun rest and there is no difference day, morning or night. In five days we will go home, there will be something to remember and swimming in the sea, and tanning in the sun and walking at night by the sea. He claimed that there were a lot of people walking there, listening to the sound of the waves, and breathing the sea air. After thinking about it, I agreed, telling him to wait and went to change, taking off my tight swimsuit. By the sea there really were a lot of people who were sitting on deck chairs, who were right on the cobblestones by the sea with their feet under the waves. We also threw off our shoes went to the sea and went along the beach to a rock like a huge hedgehog. Waves strongly rolled on the shore, and hitting the leg wet the edge of the dress, which I raised above my knees, Going behind the rock, he approached me and asked - are You cold? And he hugged me. I was very surprised, hugged and even hugged. I turned my head to look at him. But he was looking out to sea. Business! I thought. When I got married this kid probably wasn't born yet; and here you are - are you cold?. Deciding to watch the development of events, I did not apply any actions. Only me from his "dancing" around me, caused a laugh that I could not contain. He then held my shoulder, then lowered his hand to my waist, also pressing me to him in a tight me, and sometimes even as if accidentally his hand fell on my buttocks, as if probing the ground of my actions, where he slightly delayed it, then removed it to my waist and ran down my back, probing as I guessed, the presence of a bra that was not on me. Maybe after a little alcohol, maybe the sea air affected me, because I didn't take him and his actions seriously, and watching what he was doing, trying to get what I wanted, made me laugh so much that I just wanted to laugh in his face. I understood what he needed, and I was wondering how he would get there, what else he would do to fulfill his desires. Let him act, and when it becomes clear that he is already on the line, I will stop him, interrupting his further attempts. I thought as I walked on the pebbles that washed over the waves, rolling with a noise hitting my feet. Although maybe I'm wrong about his intentions. Most of all, I was surprised that he was confused to do this with me, not paying attention to the fact that I was two times older than him. After walking a little further, we came to an island surrounded by rock and sea. Despite the night, it was light. After looking around and realizing that there is no further way. The road is over, let's go back, " I said, turning to him. There really is no way, " he said, and we turned around and went back. It wasn't a bad place. For some reason, he didn't do anything. I must have made a mistake. What can you imagine in such a situation? Yes, and where did I get this idea-I thought after Taking a few steps back, I said that it was cold here, or from the sea or from the rocks, although they are warm warmed up for the day. I can warm you up he said and he hugged me to him. He was so close to me that through his light shorts I could feel his hard cock. It bulged out of them strongly, touching me. Wow , she thought. It's hard. He looks at me. It turns out he definitely wants to. There are two reasons: either he is "hungry" in this matter, or he is completely mad. But he doesn't look like a madman, he remains "hungry". Here's the moment - and what's next. I stood silent, my hands at my sides, and he held me to him. Well, well, I told him in my mind. Go ahead, show your foolishness, which I will stop once you make it clear and clear, omit the full, so that there will be no desire to do this for a long time. After a while, he lifted my dress to the waist, put his hands behind my back, stroked it, then slipped them under the elastic of my underpants and stroked my buttocks. That I was somehow turned on a little so "fog" in my head so that I came to myself when the panties were already below the knees. And he was already stroking my pubic hair lowering his hands between my legs sometimes running his fingers through the crack of my pussy. I finished playing - I jumped in my head, which again appeared some kind of turbidity, in my stomach started playing and I grabbed his hand and pressed it hard between my legs. He ran his fingers through the slits pushing her apart stroking her Clit and small lips. I took his entire household in my hand through my shorts. The member was tense and bulging trying to pop out from under the shorts. What the hell am I doing? - it went through my head, old fool, he's so young, But my hand went under his shorts from the desire to feel it all in a straight line. He helped lower the shorts and the cock with everything else popped out of them. Stop now? I thought. But even just a little bit - someone said in my head, just a little, and anything more will not allow, I stroked his cock, he my pussy, pushing and thrusting a finger into the vagina from where were heard sounds from over discharge. My vagina asked for my cock, I resisted myself,. Well, now, a little more, and that's it, I've played enough - I said to myself, continuing to stroke the penis, and getting pleasure from his actions. I imagined my husband, how I would look him in the eye, but the other one in me said that you haven't had anything with him in five years. What debt do you owe? I knew I was going to come soon, because my legs began to tremble, and a pleasant warmth and shiver enveloped my entire stomach, going from the bottom to the chest. I couldn't resist removing his hand and turning my back on him. He snuggled up to me. I felt his cock press against my buttocks. Bending slightly in front of me, I put one hand on the rock, the other took his penis and sent it into the vagina where it immediately entered, tightly, sharply and to the end. I let out a loud moan, but I couldn't hear it over the noise of the sea. The sea was hitting the waves in time with his movements. His cock tightly walked in me with every movement bringing me closer to orgasm, which in a minute captured my entire body, my legs held me in this position, and my body all pleasant jerks compressed and relaxed wrapped in warmth. I moaned, clenching my teeth, from the pleasure I had received. After I returned to my previous state, he continued to move in me, holding my hips. Occasionally stroking her Breasts, which were swaying because of his movements. The waves became noisy. There must have been a storm coming, because it was very dark. He made a few more movements then I felt his stomach and cock twitch. He's coming , I thought, Come on, come on, I want to be inside me, just inside me. But he did not hear what I was saying because of the noise of the waves, but after making a couple more such occurrences with jerks pressed against me entering to the end, stopped, Moaned or screamed I did not hear, the only thing that stroked the vagina so nice from the inside. I must have felt the semen coming out. After standing there for a while, he pulled it out. After putting on his shorts, he hugged me and said that now we can go back. When we went to the beach, there were almost no people there, except maybe two or three couples. We went out on the path by the coffee shop and went to the boarding house. It was only in bed that I came to my senses, realizing what I had done. All night, I woke up and went to sleep berating myself for this. In the morning after Breakfast I went to the sea trying to avoid meeting him. But when I went out for lunch I noticed that our bus is not there. It turns out they left early this morning. Calming down, I spent the entire day on the beach. When I went to bed, I heard the engine hum. Looking out the window, I saw our bus. Out of it came Sergeyevich and Anton, they talked about something then dispersed. Five minutes later, there was a knock on my door. Opening saw Anton. He asked If he could come in. I shrugged and let him enter the room. As soon as I closed the door, he hugged me, but I pushed him away and said that there was a mistake and we should forget about it. And it's all wrong. I am older than you by 20 years, married, and at work, as I would like that no one would find out about it and not just find out, but never. Of course, no one will ever know about this, but I can't just leave, I like You and not just, but very much - he said and hugged me, and it all started as in that time, he stroked me I him, he caressed my private parts I him, after which I could not resist and we fell into bed and did it again. He left right after everything, without anyone noticing. The next day he lived his life, I my life, and as it got dark, we visited the same island, where we did it again. There we were covered by rain and we ran to the boarding house getting wet on the floor. They crept quietly into my room. Where they undressed to the naked hung up their clothes to dry, and they climbed into bed and did it again in the Morning, and when everyone went to the sea, he quietly left the room. So we rolled around fucking, giving each other pleasure all before leaving once or twice a day. We still don't meet often for a month after our arrival, but twice a week, and that's enough for us. I don't know if this will end, but I don't think about it, as long as there is an opportunity to use it.