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Renting an apartment was not cheap, but since I could not get a place in the hostel, there were no other options. Parents helped, to the best of their ability, plus, - the increased scholarship helped out. Well, and, of course, part-time jobs were commonplace. In short, there was a year left before graduation, and you had to work hard to finish your master's degree. Since I was not able to rent a house on my own, I had to get along with the owner: a single woman, about fifty-five years old. I couldn't bring guests, and I wasn't allowed to invite my girlfriend, so sometimes I stayed the night with her. In this case, I constantly warned Claudia Nikolaevna about my plans. The woman constantly asked about the reasons for my absence and said something in the spirit – "you young people, at this age, only think about one thing...", and somehow mysteriously smiled at the same time. One evening, I returned from my second shift and found my hostess in a very drunk state. From her words, I understood that the robot was a celebration and everything in this spirit. I went to my room and started preparing for tomorrow's classes, when suddenly, without knocking, Klavdia Nikolaevna came to me and offered to eat what she had taken from the holiday table, from work. Since I was hungry and didn't have the time or desire to cook, I naturally agreed. We went to the kitchen, where a table was waiting for me, with all sorts of salads, microwaved meatballs, and, most surprisingly, a bottle of red wine. The woman, who was already in good condition, poured us each a glass and kept me company at dinner. She must have arrived a short time before me, and had not yet changed into her home clothes. She was wearing an elegant dress for the occasion, black nylon tights, indoor Slippers, and her face was visible, already worn out for the day, makeup. The woman did not eat, only drank wine and watched me eat with an appetite – - a Young, growing body – - she noticed. - Eat,eat, look how thin you are. Your girl doesn't feed you at all, does she? I said nothing to this question. How long have you been Dating? "Since sophomore year. – Are you planning to marry her?" "As it goes," I answered, with my mouth full. – First, we need to finish the Institute, and then we'll see. – You're still young. Don't you want to take a longer walk? So, how many girls have you had, anyway? I shrugged my shoulders. - Marinka-the second, with whom I... Well, this... - Met or fucked? I choked on my cutlet. A direct and, in fact, simple question, was unexpected from the lips of Claudia Nikolaevna. "Second, – I said," who was your first date?" – showed strange, as I thought, the interest of the woman. I told the hostess about my first experience: as at the initiation of students, I was sucked, and then given a terrible drunk senior. Satisfying the desire of the landlady for details, I even mentioned that I was not wearing a condom at that time and, unable to restrain myself, I ended up inside, which led to further trouble, in the form of an unplanned pregnancy, abortion, etc. For her part, the hostess told me, although I was not interested, about her failures in her personal life, about her student youth, and even shared a couple of juicy stories, such as about the case of cheating on her ex – husband, which caused her current status-a single lady. The bottom line was that Klavdia Nikolaevna arrived in a long-term sexual relationship with one of the close friends of her then-husband and burned at the moment when she tried to engage in an unnatural form of love with the same "friend" of the family, on their marriage bed, with her husband, forgetting to lock the front door with two turns of the key. And then – an anecdotal situation: the husband returned early from work, heard the screams of his wife, provoked by pain from the penetration of a strong, large phallic organ into a poorly oiled and undeveloped anal opening; I thought that thieves had entered the apartment, armed myself with a wrench and went to the sound. Naturally, he did not find the thieves, but he caught his close friend shoving a member into the point of the cancer-stricken Klava. The wrench found its use, the police stated-serious bodily harm in a state of passion, the court ruled-divorce, by consent of the parties, Claudia Nikolaevna was known as a whore in narrow circles and since then has not had a legitimate husband. My hostess's speech apparatus, unleashed by alcohol, amused me, who had eaten and was a little tipsy at the time, with a couple of more intimate stories that inflamed my libido and allowed me to look at this woman from a new side. Middle-aged, but quite well-groomed and attractive for her age, especially in such festive attire and taking into account the slight form of my alcohol intoxication. In short, after the end of the conversation, my plans for today included-a great jerk off before going to bed. But as it turned out, Claudia had other plans for the evening. – Does your girlfriend suit you, in terms of sex? I mean, does he refuse to give you a Blowjob, for example, or maybe doesn't allow you to cum in your mouth? Amazing, but it was getting to the point. – That's exactly what it is. She's got a lot of inhibitions that I've been really mad about lately. Once I asked Marina to swallow my sperm, because I saw this in porn, to which she called me a sick pervert. – Stupid girl, - my companion quipped. Many women would like to be in her place, but, unfortunately, are deprived of such pleasure. To my man, if I had one, I would not refuse such a prank. "I'm surprised you don't have anyone." You are very beautiful and very interesting to be with – " I began to prepare the ground. The gesture counts, but you know I don't get any younger with time. Competing with young girls like your Marinka is already hard. And men only serve young, with a tight ass, and elastic Tits. – I am sure that any member will get up on your ass, as well as from the sight of Tits – - I shamelessly continued to incite. "Can we check it out?" Claudia removed the shoulder strap of her dress, lowered her shallow cleavage, reached under her bra and pulled out a small, neat tit. My penis, which was already in a semi-erect state from our conversations, now became stony. I put my hand under the table and began to crumple it, watching intently as my mistress squeezed her chest. From such a massage, in a compartment with drunk alcohol, my eyes turned blue, and my breathing quickened. The woman noticed this. – It's been a long time since a man's hand touched her." Touch. I got up, leaned across the table, and grabbed my tit. Then, without letting go of my chest, I got up, left the table, and walked over to Klavdia Nikolaevna, who was sitting on a chair, so that her face was at the level of my groin. The woman, without waiting for an invitation, unbuttoned her fly, took my protruding penis out of her pants and began to suck it. She did it so deeply and skillfully that after a minute I warned her of my intention to come. As if to confirm her earlier words, the Mature young lady, like a vacuum cleaner, sucked in everything, to the last drop that spilled out of my eggs, and then, as if reporting to me that all the sperm was swallowed, showed me her wide open mouth. – Now I want you to lick my pussy." The woman got up from the chair, pulled down her nylon tights and underpants below her knees, lifted the hem of her dress and, after clearing a space from the dishes, sat down on the table and spread her legs. I got down on my knees and buried my face in my neatly trimmed crotch. I had never licked a pussy before, so I was guided, again, by the knowledge I got from adult movies. Anyway, my mistress was leaking so profusely and moaning so sweetly that I guess I was doing everything right. The lady grabbed me by the hair and literally pushed my front part into her sex passage. Klava finished, and the dishes on the table rang in time with the convulsions of the female body. "I want more!" - with these words, the hostess of the apartment jumped up from the table directly on, sitting on the courts, me, knocking us to the kitchen floor. I did not resist, especially since our desires were the same here, and my penis was back in line. She straddled it and put her hands on the kitchen counter, and I put my hands on her thighs. – Well...?" Your wet pussy doesn't know how to fuck like that. Tell me! Say she's a log compared to me! "no!" the hostess shouted and demanded. "Tell her she's got a hole instead of a vagina!" - Yes! - Speak!!! "Yes," was all I could think of at the moment. With my girlfriend, I never came so quickly, and then the second orgasm in a few minutes, was on the way. – It seems, I soon again... - Come on, honey, cum in mommy! These words became the catalyst for a new ejaculation. Firmly clutching the rough ass of Claudia Nikolaevna, who was jumping on my penis, I gave out another portion of malafya straight into her bosom. Until my childbearing organ went completely limp, after the orgasm, my partner, too, managed to jump on it to the finish line. – Do you smoke?" "what is it?" asked the landlady, rising from the floor. I shook my head. – I'll smoke." Klavdia Nikolaevna took the packet from the table, went to the window, opened it, and, leaning on the sill, lit a cigarette. I got up from the floor, sat down at the table, and took a couple of SIPS of wine. Catching my breath, I watched the Smoking woman with her back to me, and I found myself thinking that I could not take the chance to try anal sex, which my girlfriend constantly refused me. Especially since the stories of the landlady herself, she practices this type of comfort. While Claudia smolila in the window, I took off all my clothes, which had been bothering me for a long time, and nadrachivaya dick, went to the aunt standing in a half-crouched position, from behind.